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Scholarship Opportunities for 2024

We are very fortunate that from time-to-time we are able to award scholarships.

The Carncot Cultural Scholarship (one available for 2024 entry)

For a child of Māori or Pasifika ethnicity with exceptional potential in family who would otherwise be unable to send their children to Carnot School

This valuable scholarship is offered, through the generosity of a current family who has seen the impact that Carncot has already made for their own children. Applications are now open for a boy or girl to enter Year 6 or Year 7 in 2024. The value of each scholarship is 75% of the tuition fee, to the end of Year 8. Additional financial assistance may be provided by the school, if it is shown to be required to facilitate enrolment of the preferred candidate.

To learn more, please email the Principal, Owen Arnst, without delay ...

Scholarship Opportunities 2022

General Excellence, Entering Year 5, 6 or 7

The Carncot Trust Board offers External Scholarships to students not currently at the School and entering Year 5, 6 or 7 who display excellence in academic, musical, sporting and/or cultural fields.

Students will be required to attend an interview with the Principal. An academic examination may be required. The value of these scholarships is a proportion of the annual tuition fee for one to four years (depending on year entry level).

Please refer to the general Scholarship Terms and Conditions for more information.


"As parents, it is paramount to provide our children with the best foundation in life and that includes a solid education. However, formidable hurdles and barriers can restrict some families from providing the best for their children. In our case, financial hardship has meant that sending our children to a prestigious school would not be possible and that is why we are grateful for the provision of scholarships! With the Cameron Family scholarship, our daughter is able to attend Carncot Independent School; a private school that fosters and nurtures the moral values, philosophies and ethics we want instilled in our child throughout her school years. The scholarship and the assistance of the school has enabled our child to learn within an environment where she is comfortable and well supported by all. We have seen her flourish into an independent, responsible and confident student over her intermediate years at the school and has learned and gained a breadth of experience apart from the usual learning within the classroom. Her experiences have inspired and motivated her to face future challenges and to strive to achieve her future goals which includes a career in medicine. With the support and encouragement of the school principal and staff, our daughter has discovered a new love for many things which includes sports, music, camping, skiing, quilting and service to the community. Under the William Pike Challenge, Roseta has participated in challenges set in places we never thought she would go. We have no doubt Roseta will continue to uphold the values and principles she has learned at Carncot and will always treasure her years there.For us, this is the true epitome of the proverb "it takes a village to raise a child" because without the Cameron Family scholarship and tremendous support of the Board of Trustees, Principal, staff, students and the parents of the school our daughter would not have had all these blessings during her time at Carncot Independent School. For that, we are thankful!"

Sipu & Vitolia Le'au

Meet Roseta

"Being here at Carncot Independent School has given me amazing opportunities I never thought of having. Carncot has helped nurture me into a more confident and resilient person. They have entrusted me with a main leadership role and supported me in exploring new challenges, with the chance to participate in other aspects of learning outside of the classroom. Carncot has challenged me mentally and physically enforcing the RICHER values in me. I am thankful for everything Carncot has given me and truly hope other students will take advantage of the great opportunities they have there! For the future scholarship students I ask you to try your best at everything you do and be confident and resilient and be grateful for the opportunities you were given and most of all have fun and enjoy the next few years."