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Why Choose Us

Prepare your child for a lifetime of learning and opportunity

It’s every parent’s goal to ensure their child leads a happy and successful life, and education plays a key role in achieving that. But in an ever-changing world, what ‘success’ looks like today may be different tomorrow, and it will mean different things to different children.

For children to succeed throughout adulthood, it’s becoming clearer than ever that they need to be confident, self-starters who understand that curiosity enables them to continue learning throughout their lives. And here at Carncot, we take a holistic, individualised approach to nurturing your child so they can build a foundation that sets them up for a lifetime

Personalised Learning

As Palmerston North’s only independent school, we’re in a unique position where we can offer students a programme that’s tailored to their specific needs. Low student to teacher ratios provide teachers the time required to make each student’s learning personalised, and by employing specialist subject teachers they learn more from dedicated subject teachers in a style they will be familiar with in high school. The results speak for themselves.

Core Values

Throughout Carncot School, our strong values are front and centre. We teach students about the importance of Respect, Integrity, Care, Honesty, Excellence and Responsibility (RICHER) in everything we do; and our holistic approach to education means these values can be taught from the classroom to the sports field. Programmes like our buddy system allow older students to instil character in younger ones, and because of our small roll we’re able to foster a real community that surrounds our students.

Small Classes

Aside from being Palmerston North’s only independent school, our small class sizes set us apart from other primary and intermediate schools. It’s a huge advantage because it opens up the ability to provide your child the attention they need, especially in the first three years of school.

To help establish a sound work ethic and understanding of learning strategies, classes at the early levels are capped at 18 (new entrants) through to a maximum of 22 by Year Three. From Year Four to Year Eight we keep classes sizes at 24 or fewer.