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Cambridge Curriculum

Why choose a Cambridge International school?

At Carncot School, we have always prided ourselves on taking a holistic approach to nurture our students’ curiosity to learn and to build an understanding of social responsibility that sets them up for a lifetime of success and opportunity. The Cambridge International curriculum holds a similar ethos and with a structured curriculum, individualised and inclusive support, and an equitable approach to assessments, it encourages confidence, responsibility, innovation, and engagement.

A flexible structure

The Cambridge curriculum is internationally based, however, there is a high degree of flexibility built into it, allowing educators to adjust it for local relevancy. We utilise the Cambridge curriculum as an overlay to the New Zealand curriculum to provide our students with the benefits of the Cambridge structure within the context of our local communities here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Individual and inclusive

Although the Cambridge curriculum is known for its structured approach, it places a great deal of emphasis on individualised and inclusive teaching. There is room for modifications and support in all aspects of the curriculum and support is available for students who may face specific challenges. Students are encouraged to explore what interests them, while also ensuring they develop the skills and knowledge necessary for future success.

 Year 5 Students

Learning checkpoints and assessments

The Cambridge approach to assessment is based on accurately measuring a student’s potential and progress to make informed decisions about their educational needs. Cambridge checkpoints and assessments allow for flexibility and support in their administration to accommodate all students. By accurately measuring a student’s current knowledge and abilities, we can more effectively support their ongoing learning in a way that is best suited to them.

Preparing for the future

The Cambridge curriculum prepares students to succeed in life, as well as in school. With a focus on developing critical thinking skills and a lasting passion for learning, students are better prepared for the next step in their education.Our Carncot holistic ethos, with a focus on individual excellence and developing good character within a caring and respectful learning environment, remains our foundational value, complemented by the structure of the Cambridge curriculum. We wholeheartedly believe this approach encapsulates the best option to prepare our students to be confident, curious, socially responsible adults with a lifetime of success and opportunity.

How this looks for our transitional year 2022

For the 2022 year, we have chosen to implement the Cambridge curriculum in a stepped manner throughout our junior, middle, and senior schools. In Year 1 to 3 levels, we will retain our primary focus upon the structured and explicit teaching and learning of foundational literacy and numeracy skills. From Year 4, we will implement the Cambridge curriculum as an overlay on the New Zealand curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science and Art. And Year 7 & 8 levels will see Global Perspectives added to the Cambridge subjects we include.

Learn more about the benefits of a Cambridge International curriculum at

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