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22 Jun | By Mrs Raewyn Morris

Year 7 Get Writing!

Year 7 Sestina Poems

Prior to lockdown, Year 7 were excited to receive a 'Get New Zealand Writing' pack, containing a range of stationery ... and 3-D glasses! The special glasses were essential to decipher some of the text. The class is part of the 96,000 students completing sestina poems (six lines long, each line having only six words), for sharing with a buddy class somewhere in New Zealand. Using their camp as the focus, each line of the poem recalls a memory or feeling. The class then completed a group 'road' poem, about the journey from Carncot to the buddy Year 8 class at Orewa College. This has been a great writing activity, and the class can't wait for a package to arrive from Orewa College now to see what has been written for them.

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