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11 May

Literacy at Carncot

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I just wanted to pass on my absolute delight after reading the most recent newsletter.

As you may be aware Sophie was diagnosed as dyslexic at the start of last year by a SPELD assessor, after Shelley recommended we get it done.

We have had nothing but praise for the way the teachers at Carncot have worked with Sophie and have noticed her go from strength to strength in both her reading/writing but also most importantly for us, her self-confidence.

Reading Juliets article brought tears to my eyes, because everything I have learnt since we began our dyslexia journey is being addressed and exceeded by what Carncot is doing – for all students. My colleagues who have dyslexic children in public schools are blown away by it all and all wishing they lived in the Manawatu!

Emma (year 2) is not showing the same signs as Sophie did however Loris use of the decodable readers has meant that she is excelling at reading and spelling. It is so exciting to watch the girls flourish with the same teaching principles even though they (seem to) have such different learning abilities.

Just wanted to express our sincere gratitude that the school is following evidence based methodologies. It reinforces our commitment to the school and makes us immensely happy we are fortunate enough to have both our girls attend.


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