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28 Jun | By Year 8 Pupils

GRIP Leadership

GRIP Leadership

"Everyone and anyone can be a leader no matter ​who you are" (Sienna)

"One thing I learnt at GRIP leadership is that we all have to care for one another and help each other when we need help. Also that we all have talents and sometimes you may not be able to do something that others can" (Dia)

"I learnt that simple things can have a big impact and make a difference" (Juliet)

"The most important things I learnt were when it is my time to lead, to step down sometimes and help others and everyone can be a leader and use their own personal talents" (Annabelle)

"If you work hard you will be able to accomplish anything" (Monty)

"One thing I learnt from GRIP leadership was how to come up with a plan and make it happen" (Jessica)

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