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23 Feb

Buddy time at Carncot

Buddy Time at Carncot

Last week, in a break from the usual school assembly routine, we refreshed our buddy connections for the 2021 school year. An often noted feature of our school is the way in which our older pupils go out of their way to look out for their younger school mates. We have an expectation that Carncot pupils are generous with their time, and in the ways that they support our junior class pupils.

Each year, our new Year 5 class becomes the buddy class for our New Entrant and Year 1 class. Then, as they move into Year 6 and Year 7 in the years ahead, they stay paired (where ever possible) with the same buddy as the buddy moves through the junior years... learning to be a great buddy in their own right once they, in their turn, graduate to become an 'upstairs' pupil!

Throughout the year we will be creating ongoing opportunities for buddy class interactions, to help create a strong inter-pupil connection. And we know, from experience, that the younger pupils regularly seek out their buddy during break times.

Our buddy pairings are a very real way in which pupils can show the school value of Caring with each other.

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