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26 Aug

Be Bright ... Eat Right

Magic Show

Carncot School was delighted to be able host Vas Kovalski back for another exciting magic show recently. The amazing magic tricks helped to focus us on important healthy eating messages ... although, as you will read below, it seems like it was the magic tricks that had the most impact!

In the words of our resident Year 3/4 reporters ...

"I liked the two bunnies. One was named Zoo Zoo and the other was named Lollipop." Jessica

"My favourite part of the magic show was when Vas Kovalski opened The History of Magic book and it set fire. He quickly closed it and out popped a bird!" August

"The magic show was really funny. I loved when he made money explode out of a bag. Maybe one day I could do really cool magic tricks as well." Jimmy

"My favourite part of the Be Bright Eat Right magic show was when the bunny popped out of the hat." Alice

"Yesterday a magician came to school. The show was Be Bright Eat Right. My favourite trick was when a bunny hopped out of a box. Is was so cute!" Reet

"My favourite thing at the magic show was the bird that changed into a rabbit." Harry

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