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01 Mar

a fantastic new entrant start at Carncot ...

Hi Owen and Jane,

I expect this email finds you busy making plans for keeping the school safe during this current omicron outbreak. Andy and I have appreciated all the prompt communications so thank you.
I have been meaning to send you an email since week 1. I wanted to express how extremely happy we are with the NE class Sally has created at school.

Sally has created such a warm and vibrant classroom. There are so many learning stations set up to start the day with. This is especially helpful at morning drop off. I have noticed that every day there are different activities and new items to spark the children's interest. There is a wide variety of resources and mediums for the children to interact with. The older children also like coming into the classroom to investigate I believe this creates an open environment for all the children at the school to feel part of.

The best thing about coming into class in the morning is that Sally is always in the classroom waiting for the children. She is never busy getting ready for the day or preparing anything. I notice that she ensures that she speaks to the parents and greets the children. I think this I so valuable for the NE it really seems like for Sally her day with the children starts at 8:15am from drop off and I really appreciate this. Though I don’t see how the class operates during the day we do know that Maisy (our quieter child) comes home happy and excited everyday. She is so proud of her reading and work she shows us. When asked if she is liking school she spread out her arms as wide as she could and said “this much”.

We were nervous about how Maisy, at four years old, would transition to school. But she has sailed through it so far and we can only put this down to the calm caring and engaging environment Carncot provides her. Thank you for all you do - we really appreciate all the hard work!

- Kate & Andy Scrase, Carncot parent

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